Your Pivot Account

Last Updated: Nov 07, 2013 04:04PM PST
If you had an account for COS Funding Opportunities, you will use that same username and password for Pivot. If you do not have a current Pivot account, you will need to create an account.

Logging in to Pivot

Pivot login is presented in the top right-hand corner of the pages in Pivot. You must be logged in to:
  • View your homepage displaying your Active and Tracked opps
  • View funding opps shared with you or the status of those you have shared with others
  • Save a search
  • Add an opp to Active or Tracked
  • Share a funding opp
  • Claim and/or update a profile

Enter your username and password in the Pivot Login box to start your Pivot session and complete the actions listed above.

Creating your Pivot account

If you do not have a current account:
  • Click on the Sign Up link
  • Complete the required fields including the name of the subscribing institution to which you belong
  • Click the Create my account button
  • You will receive a verification email at the address entered in the account creation process which will include a link to Pivot.
  • Your email address and the password your entered during account creation will be your Pivot username and password.

Login help

Login help link takes you to the Login Help Options page where you can link to the following links:
  • Create your Pivot account – see information above
  • Forgot password – this link takes you to the form to complete to be sent your password
  • Contact Help Desk – if you need additional assistance logging in to Pivot, let us know how we can assist you and someone from the Help Desk will be in contact with you within one business day.

My account

Once you are logged in to Pivot, we provide you with a link to manage your account. Click on the „account‟ link next to your name for the following options:

Account Information
  • Change account information – select this option to change your user ID (username) or password.
  • Select your Pivot affiliation – this option is only display if your account is affiliated with more than one institution that subscribes to Pivot.
  • Contact Help Desk – if you need additional assistance with your account, select this option to send information to the Help Desk.
  • Institutional Settings for Funding Opps Search – allows you to disable any pre-set activity location and citizenship/residency requirements used when searching for funding, that have been established by your administrator.


The groups area allows you to create pre-defined lists (groups) of email addresses which you can use when sharing funding opps or saved searches in Pivot. You can edit, rename or delete groups in this area.

To create a new group from the Account area:
  • Click Account.
  • Click Groups
  • Click New Group
  • Enter a name for your group
  • Enter the people for your group – if you are adding colleagues from your Institution, simply type the name and if they have a Pivot profile, their email address will display.
  • To enter people who are not in your instition, type the email address and click the “tab” key after entering the email address.
  • When you have finished entering names and/or email addresses, click Submit.

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