Active Opps

Last Updated: Oct 31, 2013 09:15AM PDT
Active Opps are those which are the most important to you. It’s your “short list” of all the opps you are interested in, with the most critical being marked by you as “active”. You can identify a funding opportunity as “active” from your search results and you can assign a “tag” to the opp to help you easily group and/or locate it later. See the Help files on Funding in the Support area, for information on marking an opportunity “active”.

Your current number of Active Opps is noted in the menu column to the left, as well as at the top of your results list. Note that the count at the top of the results list does not include your Expired Opps unless those have been selected. Additional information is listed about each opp:
  • Title of the opportunity, linking to the full record
  • Any tags you’ve assigned to the opp
  • Sponsor deadline
  • What’s due next (application, proposal, letter of intent, etc.)
  • Options Menu
  • Icons to indicate when a record
    • Has a limited submission – a “Limited” icon will appear next to the opp name
    • Needs some sort of University-level coordination necessary—a gray “ICR” icon will appear next to the opp name
    • Was recently updated—an orange “updated” icon will appear next to the opp name
    • Has the alert email option enabled – an envelope icon will appear between the Deadline column and the Options menu.

You can refine the view of your Active opps list by selecting or deselecting the filters and/or the tags on the lefts side of your Homepage. Marking a specific Type(s) and/or Tag(s) will display only those Active opps.

You can also modify the view of your Active opps list by sorting the opps—you can choose to sort them alphabetically by Title or by deadline.

You may take action on a group of opps by selecting specific opps and clicking the Share, Export or Untrack buttons.

Options Menu

You can perform several tasks related to your Active Opps. Click on the Options dropdown menu to the right of any of the opps to:
  1. Share the opp
  2. Untrack the opp (remove it from your Active list)
  3. Move the opp to your Tracked list
  4. Add tags or edit the tag(s) associated with the opp
  5. Add to Calendar
  6. Turn the Alert email on or off
  7. Turn the Deadline reminder on or off
  8. View the people with whom you’ve shared that opp
  9. View who else at your institution is tracking that opp

Sharing the opp

To share an opp with someone, click the Options dropdown menu and select Share from the list. A light box will appear where you can type in a recipient, multiple recipients, or select a prepopulated Group. Type in an optional message, and when you’re ready to share the opp, click Send. Click the box labeled, let each recipient see who else received this if you want to display for each recipient who the other recipients are.

Untracking the opp

If you’d like to remove an opp from your list of Active opps entirely, select the “Untrack” choice from the Options menu. Click Yes to confirm.

Moving the opp to Tracked

If you’d like to move an opp from your list of Active opps and place it on your Tracked list, select the “Move to Tracked” choice from the Options menu. Click Yes to confirm.

Adding or Editing Tags

You can manage your tags from the Options menu by selecting either “Add a Tag” or “Edit Tags.” If an opp does not have a tag assigned to it, you will see a menu item called “Add Tags.” Click that to select an appropriate tag or tags for that opp. If the opp does have at least one tag associated with it, you can modify it or add additional tags by clicking “Edit Tags.” The “Edit Tags” list shows you all the tags that are currently in use for your Active and Tracked lists; use the checkboxes to remove and/or add tags to that opp. You must click the “Apply” button for the changes to take place. Note: Tags for individual opps are separate from tags for Saved Searches.

Adding to a Calendar

You can add the next deadline for a funding opportunity on your Active list to one of four popular calendaring tools - Outlook, Google calendar, iCal or Yahoo calendar.  The funding opp title, what’s due and the date due are included.  Simply click “Add to Calendar” and click the icon for the calendar tool you wish.  Follow the calendaring tool’s instructions to complete adding the alert.

Alert Email

If you are currently set up to receive an Alert email about an opp you will see an envelope icon in that opp’s row. If you would like to turn the Alert feature off, click on your Options menu and select the menu item which reads “Alert email off.” If there is no envelope icon in the row, the Alert feature has been disabled. To turn it back on, click your Options menu and select the menu item which reads “Alert email on.”

Deadline Reminder

You can opt to receive an email alert 2 weeks before the deadline on oppsin your Active list. If you would like to turn the Deadline reminder on, click “Turn deadline reminder on”. You will see a stopwatch icon  confirming that you will receive an alert email 2 weeks prior to each deadline. The email will show all deadlines on the funding opportunity, with the deadline that is 2 weeks away highlighted along with info on what is due. You may disable the deadline reminder by clicking on your Options menu and selecting “Turn deadline reminder off.”

Who you shared with

When you view the list of people you’ve shared an opp with, you’ll see their name (which will be hyperlinked to their Profile, if they have one) along with any action they’ve taken on the opp you sent them.

Who else is interested

Mouse over this choice to view how many people at your institution have a particular opp on their Active or Tracked lists. If you are an administrator, you can click on either option to see the actual names of those people.


In addition to being able to share an opp through the “Options” menu, you can also select an opp or a group of opps by checking the box to the left of the opp name. When you select at least one of those checkboxes, the ActiveOpps header and Sort option will be replaced by a Share button. Once you’ve chosen the opp or opps you want to share, click the Share button and you can fill out the light box as described above. Click the box labeled, let each recipient see who else received this if you want to display for each recipient who the other recipients are.

Note: When sharing an opp with someone outside your organization (or with someone who does not have a Pivot account) the shared opp will only be available for viewing for 14 days. Pivot users will be able to view a shared opp indefinitely.

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