Funding Alerts

Last Updated: Mar 21, 2013 06:15AM PDT
Weekly Funding Alerts are automatically run on all of your Saved Searches in Pivot. These alerts present any new or updated opportunities that match your saved search query. Alerts are currently run weekly, on Sunday (Eastern Time). You have several options for viewing your weekly funding alert results:
  • You can view your results directly in Pivot and/or
  • You can opt to receive a weekly email alert

To view your weekly Funding Alert results directly in Pivot:
  1. Click on the Saved Searches link from your homepage
  2. Locate the saved search from the list
  3. Click on the search name
  4. All funding opps that match your saved search query will be displayed

To create an email alert for a saved search:
  1. Locate your saved search query in the Saved Searches area of your homepage
  2. If you have enabled weekly Alert emails, you will see an envelope icon in the Email Alert column between the Limited Submission and Options
  3. Click the “Options” drop-down. If your Alert is currently being sent, you will see an “Alert email on” notation. If you’d like to turn it off, simply click on that notation. If your Alert is NOT currently being sent, you will see an “Alert email off” notation.To start receiving Alerts for this search, simply click on that notation. 

Your weekly email alert will include the Name of the search, Title, and Sponsor of each funding opportunity and a URL to view the full opp, along with an indicator if it is either new or limited submission.

Note: If all of your searches have no new search results, you will not receive an email that week.

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