What is a Pivot Homepage

Last Updated: Mar 21, 2013 06:15AM PDT
When you first log in to Pivot, you are brought to your Homepage. Think of your Homepage as the place you manage funding opportunities and funding searches you are interested in, track who you have shared opportunities with, and view suggestions received from the Advisor. It’s also the launch pad to funding and profile searches.

Your Pivot Homepage is organized in several areas:
  • Active opportunities
  • Tracked opportunities (what you see by default when you log-in)
  • Saved Searches
  • Shared opportunities (those you shared with someone)
  • Received opportunities (sent to you by another Pivot user)
  • Suggestions from the Advisor

You can also navigate directly to the Funding and Profile areas, as well as conduct a search for funding or profiles from your Homepage. You can either click the Funding, Profiles, or (if you’re an Administrator) the Admin tabs, or type in a term in the search box near the upper right of the screen to search either the funding or profile database (with a dropdown menu allowing you to choose which database).

You can also choose your preferred view of your Active or Tracked opps by using the filters along the left side of the page. You can view by Type, which includes opps categorized by:
  • Limited Submission (opportunities where the sponsor accepts only a specified number of proposals or applications from an institution)
  • Internal Coordination (opportunities that require some coordination at the university level prior to the sponsor deadline. This might be a ranking requirement, a limit on the number of times an applicant may submit, or some other special requirement by the sponsor)
  • Other (all opportunities that are NOT Limited Submission or Internal Coordination)
  • Expired (only for Active and Tracked lists)
  • Country (only for your Advisor suggestions)

The Shared opportunities area also has filters to sort what you’ve shared by Opportunity or Person.

Or you can view only certain tagged opps in your lists; the tags you are currently using will be listed for you to select or deselect as you’d like. If you have tagged any of your saved searches, you view those by selected tags as well.

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